Being the manufacturer that we actually started with in this business made a more powerful connection with those cars. We always looking for offering more services for Renault enthusiasts.

As we specialised on Renault, our range of services is more extended that on any other makes. There are so many things to work on as so many drivers take their cars on tracks. From disabling Airbags when fitting race seats or upgrading them to disabling Stop/Start, retrofitting newer headlights and so on.

We started with RS Monitor installation on early Meganes, then we took it to R-Link system. Now, when new Megane 4 came in, we had loads of enquiries for RS Monitor installation. We did it. It`s here for you! Working now on remote solution to get it installed for overseas customers.

Many customers asked for R-Link system retrofit when they had old TomTom Live Satnav, so we developed a retrofit kit including all required modules and harness ready to be shipped overseas and be installed in 30 minutes with medium level skills.

Key programming, Monochrome/R-Link RS Monitor remote or booked in, Airbag reset, clocks coding and list can go on. If you're interested in anything that's not listed please feel free to drop us a message.

We offer many other unlisted services
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