Known as remapping, flashing or chiptuning, all of these make you think of changing the engine control unit parameters in order to achieve more power, more torque or increase MPG. Whatever you choose, we are always ready to turn your car into the one you dream about. Whether you drive a passenger car, SUV or VAN, we can deliver the best quality custom remap so you can enjoy your trips without worries about your engine's reliability.

The process involves reading your car's actual software through OBD, bench mode, BDM or boot mode depending on ECU type. Thanks to our state of the art equipment we are always prepared for any of those jobs, so nothing can go wrong. After carefully working on editing your software to achieve your requests, the file is ready to be written back into the ECU through the same method.

So what makes the difference?

Every tuner has it's own tuning strategy, so the outputs will always be different. The approach we're using for tuning every ECU will reflect in the car's power, torque, drivability, throttle response, MPG and so on. 

There are two type or remaps: custom maps and generic maps. What`s the difference between them? 

Custom maps are made based on your engine's condition or the hardware changes you got. A power run should be carried out before starting tuning it, checking turbo parameters, injectors deviation, etc. All required maps will be changed accordingly increasing torque limits with SPECIFIC values for achieving new power target and nothing more. Safety limits will not be removed. Respecting this philosophy the ECU will preserve the matching between targeted torque and the real output, torque value that will be used later in relationship with other modules such as automatic transmission, ABS/ESP, etc. This optimisation process takes more time and few power runs.

Generic maps, usually made by big tuning file resellers for keeping the software development time as low as possible. This type of tuning usually involves generic factors applied to the maps, torque matching de-calibration, safety limits being removed (such as overheating limit and many others). Interaction with automatic transmission will be affected and jerks can occur on gear shifting.

Sadly, we're finding more people choosing tuning options based on the price, not on the quality. That's why we offer both options, keeping you aware of pros and cons. Generic maps we are offering are made by most reputable tuners in the market, keeping us as far as possible off the problems.

How do we prove the results?

Doing it mobile makes it harder to have a rolling road to measure the original and tuned figures. Anyway, we are using Racelogic high accuracy GPS logging system for calculating the power and torque figures. This gives us a measurement accuracy of +/-5 hp knowing the right weight of the car. Pros - test is carried out in real driving conditions so with the right air flow, not using any blower fan. Cons - it involves a quite open road so traffic can be a factor.

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