The biggest an the best tuning company in the... HOLD ON!

We started from passion for performance. Like every tuner in this world, first time playing with our own cars, then friend's cars and step-by-step we made a business out of this.

We set a goal: to deliver top quality services and make you leave us with a big smile on your face.

UK tuning market... not so easy to get in, especially because we didn't aim to "compete" in generic tuning market. Caught the attention of Renault Sport enthusiasts with RS Monitor and Android Auto installation, key programming, airbag coding.

We now offer a full range of services for all makes and models and all our work is custom tailored for your needs. Right from a simple OBD diagnostic to custom tunes on highly modified engines. Stay tuned, we always working on something new :)  

Every engine is different so as every driver is different. In a world full of generic tuning files, a custom build tune is all you need. Being the guys who originally tuned your ECU helped us a lot. Thanks to our over 10 years experience in OEM calibration, we succeeded to develop high performance ECU upgrades keeping reliability of your engine on the first place.

Your car will be treated like it's ours. Our equipment is one of the most powerful in automotive tuning world, keeping the chances of failure as close to null. We'll let you know all you need to know so you can make the right choice for your car and your pocket. That's because you have to leave us smiling.

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London: +447768719437
Coventry: +447393313993

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